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Dragging most of the known world into its brutal and devastating clutches, the Second World War was a conflict the scale of which the world has never seen. From Blitzkrieg to North Africa, from the Russian Front to the D-Day landings, World War II remains arguably the most popular period for wargamers.

The Bolt Action 28mm World War II range is not only a beautifully sculpted range but one of the most comprehensive! We are constantly adding new armies, miniatures, vehicles and terrain to this huge range. Not content with bringing you such a superb range of gaming pieces you’ll find loads of gaming, painting and modeling material here as well as plenty of background on the Second World War itself…

Bolt Action Miniatures - The Red Devils boxed set, below German Soldiers tending to a howitzer.
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Putting your new Second World War force together? Not sure which armies to collect? Make yourself comfortable and read on…

With most of the known world embroiled in the war there are many theatres and battles to recount. Handily we’re up to the task…

The tabletop battlefield is a dangerous place without good intelligence and the right equipment. Here you’ll find new army lists, gaming ideas and battle reports.

Need help with colour schemes or, perhaps, how to build your new 75mm Pack howitzer? Here you’ll find guides, tips and superb paintjobs.